Incyte: Our Commitment to Inclusion

Incyte is a global biopharmaceutical company that seeks to develop and bring to market treatments for people living with diseases where there are unmet needs. In order to best serve our patients, we are focused on fostering a collaborative, innovative and inclusive culture that is rooted in diverse abilities, experiences, perspectives and backgrounds.

Inclusion in the Workplace

We’re proud of the inclusive and collaborative environment we have created where every individual can contribute to their full potential.

We take the time to speak directly to our employees about their needs and experiences, and we are committed to providing competitive, equitable compensation and comprehensive benefits to empower every Incyte employee to thrive at work and at home.

We continuously evaluate our efforts to ensure every employee feels they can contribute to their fullest potential across our organization.

Our goal is to ensure that our commitment and actions toward an inclusive culture are clear to our employees, those we do business with and the patients we serve. These corporate objectives are tied to measurable success as part of our Environmental, Social and Governance frameworks.

Global Headquarters

To track our progress in the U.S., where approximately 50 percent of our workforce is located, we launched an employee feedback tool and established an Inclusion Committee comprised of a diverse team of 50 U.S.-based employees to identify areas of improvement and implement initiatives that will enable us to reach our goals. We created five key subcommittees with clear and measurable objectives:

Incyte Global Headquarters

Identify sources of recruitment for diverse candidates

Focus on developing and retaining our diverse employees

Develop resources and programs to support our inclusive culture and raise awareness of U.S. Inclusion Committee initiatives

Explore opportunities to increase the inclusion of diverse patients in our clinical trials

Broaden partnerships to include more diverse consultants, agencies, firms, and suppliers

Best-In-Class Workplace

Our teams garnered several honors recognizing the innovation and collaboration behind our best-in-class workplaces around the world. Since 2018, Incyte has been recognized as a top five employer in the global biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry by Science Magazine and has been included in Newsweek’s Most Loved Workplace lists since 2022.

Science 2023 Top Employer

Ranked #2 among 2023 Top Employers by Science Magazine

Newsweek Global Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces

Ranked #21 among 2023 Global Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces by Newsweek

Newsweek America’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces

Ranked #23 among 2023 America’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces by Newsweek

Newsweek America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity

Received 4.5-star rating among 2024 America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity by Newsweek

#TeamIncyte Celebrates Diversity

Incyte Inclusion in Clinical Trials

Representing diverse communities within our clinical trials is essential for understanding and treating disease—the more diverse the participants, the more our researchers can learn about the different ways in which people respond to treatments.

Because studies have shown that minorities and people from historically marginalized groups in the U.S. are less likely to be included in clinical research, we’ve made it a priority to remove participation barriers and increase racial and ethnic diversity in our clinical trials.

To advance this mission, a sub-committee of our Inclusion Team focused on clinical trials created a new iDIRECT (Incyte Diversity, Inclusion, Representation and Equity in Clinical Trials) team dedicated to promoting diversity in clinical trials. The iDIRECT team identified strengths and opportunities for improving diversity in our current clinical trials and suggested strategies to enhance diverse participation in future trials.

These insights informed our new Clinical Trial Diversity Roadmap. Guided by the Roadmap, we’ve established a standard approach to determining diversity enrollment goals, launched a dashboard detailing diversity enrollment metrics for U.S. clinical studies, and leveraged real world evidence to identify sites that can enroll diverse patients and invite them to participate in our studies.

Incyte Roadmap

Clinical Trial Diversity Roadmap

Incyte Supplier Diversity

Incyte takes pride in further supporting diverse communities by providing fair opportunities through our Supplier Diversity Program. We appreciate and acknowledge the benefits of this effort and consider small and diverse businesses to be an asset to our company.

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Supplier Diversity