The Science Within the Skin: Demystifying Vitiligo for Patients

At Incyte, ensuring the patients we serve have access to accurate and useful information about their conditions is a critical part of our commitment to finding solutions for patients.

For people living with vitiligo, a chronic autoimmune condition characterized by white patches of depigmented skin on the face and body, knowledge gaps have perpetuated misinformation about the condition. Often misperceived as cosmetic or contagious, vitiligo can profoundly impact people’s lives, in many cases causing people to feel isolated, misunderstood or dismissed.

We believe that greater education and understanding of the scientific complexities associated with vitiligo will support more informed conversations among patients, healthcare providers and the general public. This deeper understanding can be empowering, and an important part of making knowledgeable disease management decisions.

The Science Within the Skin, an animated video that takes the audience on a visual journey within the skin of a person with vitiligo, was developed to make the science of the condition more understandable and accessible, by detailing:

  • An overview of the condition, including the involvement of the immune system
  • The complex processes of pigmentation and depigmentation
  • Disease management with a dermatologist, including the potential for repigmentation

To ensure it effectively met the educational needs of the community, Science Within the Skin reflects feedback from select vitiligo patient advocates and community members.

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