Rigorous science is at the core of Incyte. The breadth of our portfolio and its balance between early- and later-stage candidates is unique for a company of our size. Our research and development in Oncology includes targeted and immunotherapies, including small molecules, monoclonal antibodies and bispecific antibodies, providing us with the opportunity to explore combinations of therapies from both within and beyond our own portfolio.

Image of Targeted Therapy Discovery visual which is focused on targeting key molecules/pathways

Targeted Therapy Discovery

Incyte’s discovery strategy in this area is focused on targeting key molecules/pathways that drive the development, growth and spread of cancer cells. We leverage cross-program knowledge throughout the research and development continuum to identify and exploit novel points of synergy.


Visual of immune-regulatory cell types

Immuno-Oncology Discovery

Incyte’s immuno-oncology discovery strategy is based on the diversity of cells required to maintain an immune-suppressive tumor microenvironment. Immune subversion by cancer cells is mediated by the action of multiple immune-regulatory cell types, and Incyte’s discovery capabilities based on small molecule and monoclonal and bispecific antibody modalities open distinct opportunities to target diverse mechanisms.