2023: How We Continue to Solve On. For Patients

In 2023, we progressed our mission to Solve On. for patients around the world and look forward to carrying that momentum into this year. Our science continues to lead the way—we received three new product approvals in key markets across the globe last year and presented a breadth of data from across our Oncology and Autoimmunity & Inflammation portfolio.

In tandem with our scientific advancements, we also focused on supporting patient communities facing serious diseases, including people living with vitiligo, atopic dermatitis and graft-versus-host disease. Through innovative programs like the Incyte Ingenuity Awards and partnerships with high-profile spokespeople to bring attention to unmet needs, we’ve worked to ensure the patient voice and experience remain at the center of all we do.

Hear more from a few of our leaders as they recap some of our biggest moments from 2023:

As we reflect on a successful year, we look ahead with optimism and enthusiasm. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing treatment options for patients with critical unmet needs. We are encouraged by the potential of both our Oncology and Autoimmunity & Inflammation pipelines, with numerous milestones across multiple disease areas upcoming in 2024. Each year brings new challenges, but at Incyte we believe that every challenge is a chance for a breakthrough and a reminder of what it means to Solve On.

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